Here comes the privacy stuff!

I am an author of fiction. As a general principle, I will store as little of your data as possible, and treat it with respect for your privacy.


I have a newsletter to share KJ Charles news, book information, marketing, and sales. My newsletter is opt-in only. When you sign up, your email address and IP address are recorded by Mailchimp as per their privacy and data collection information.

I use your data as recorded on my newsletter sign-up form for the sole purposes of sending you my newsletter. Your email address will never be sold or shared by me. You can unsubscribe or update your data at any time, or request to see or delete the data I hold.

Website comments

When you comment on my site, any data you give (name, email address, website) is recorded by WordPress along with your IP address. I do not share or sell this data or use it for sales or marketing purposes, or add you to mailing lists. You may delete or request deletion of your comment at any time.

Website stats

I use WP Statistics to gather general data on visits to my website. I don’t use this data for anything individualised.


Contact me on if you have any queries on your data storage or use, or wish it to be removed or updated.