Very lightly linked books set in a lighthearted Regency world.

The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting features Robin Loxleigh; A Thief in the Night stars Robin’s brother, Toby Real Last Name Unknown. An epilogue to both, ‘A Rose By Any Name’, is available in the Free Reads section. The Duke at Hazard isn’t linked directly to either book but features cameos; there’s no need to read anything first.

The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting

Robin Loxleigh and his sister Marianne are the hit of the Season, so attractive and delightful that nobody looks behind their pretty faces.

Until Robin sets his sights on Sir John Hartlebury’s heiress niece. The notoriously graceless baronet isn’t impressed by good looks, or fooled by false charm. He’s sure Robin is a liar—a fortune hunter, a card sharp, and a heartless, greedy fraud—and he’ll protect his niece, whatever it takes.

Then, just when Hart thinks he has Robin at his mercy, things take a sharp left turn. And as the grumpy baronet and the glib fortune hunter start to understand each other, they also find themselves starting to care—more than either of them thought possible.

But Robin’s cheated and lied and let people down for money. Can a professional rogue earn an honest happy ever after?

“Charles is unparalleled when writing two characters who have every good reason to loathe one another, only they just can’t stop kissing.”–Scribd, Best Romances of 2021

“A surprising, satisfying, and steamy Regency charmer.”–New York Public Library, Best Books for Adults 2021

“An artful dance of nuanced plot, character precision, and thoughtful writing. … I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”–Frolic Media


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A Thief in the Night

Toby never meant to be a highway robber, but needs must. He didn’t plan to impersonate a top London valet either, but when the chance comes to present himself as the earl of Arvon’s new gentleman’s gentleman, he grabs it. Unfortunately, the earl is the man he seduced and robbed on the road to get here. Oops.

Miles, Lord Arvon, is not impressed. But he’s faced with a tumbledown home and lost family fortune, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Toby—shameless, practical, and definitely desperate—may be just the man he needs.

To steal back a priceless bracelet, that is. What else were you thinking?

“a little gem of a listen … a lovely romance laced with warmth, humour and tenderness featuring two well-defined and engaging protagonists.”–Audiogals


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The Duke At Hazard

Illustrated image. A room with a curtained doorway leading through to another room. In the background, silhouetted, is what looks like a riotous party or possibly a fight. In the foreground, two men sit opposite one another at a table. They are both holding cards, but ignoring them in favour of clinking glasses of wine, with lots of eye contact, and also playing footsie very subtly under the table. One is well dressed and slim, the other a bit less smart and slightly bigger. Mood is of two people having a quiet, loving moment in the midst of total chaos.

The Duke of Severn is one of the greatest men in Britain.

He’s also short, quiet, and unimpressive. And now he’s been robbed, after indulging in one rash night with a strange man who stole the heirloom Severn ring from his finger. The Duke has to get it back, and he can’t let anyone know how he lost it. So when his cousin bets that he couldn’t survive without his privilege and title, the Duke grasps the opportunity to hunt down his ring-incognito.

Life as an ordinary person is terrifying…until the anonymous Duke meets Daizell Charnage, a disgraced gentleman, and hires him to help. Racing across the country in search of the thief, the Duke and Daizell fall into scrapes, into trouble-and in love.

Daizell has been excluded from polite society, his name tainted by his father’s crimes and his own misbehaviour. Now he dares to dream of a life somewhere out of sight with the quiet gentleman who’s stolen his heart. He doesn’t know that his lover is a hugely rich public figure with half a dozen titles. And when he finds out, it will risk everything they have…

Publishes 18 July


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