All free reads are linked to my various series and intended to be read as part of them. Click the links to download!

A Charm of Magpies

The Smuggler and the Warlord (A Charm of Magpies 0.5)

A prequel with Merrick and Crane in China

The Magpie Lord (Book 1 of the series, free!)

Five for Heaven (A Charm of Magpies series epilogue)

The gang are in Japan and Jenny Saint is in labour…

England World/Will Darling Adventures

Song for a Viking (Think of England 1.5)

The last chapter or so of Think of England from Daniel’s point of view.

To Trust Man on His Oath (Will Darling 2.5)

Set between The Sugared Game and Subtle Blood. A heart-to-heart in the small hours leads to a crucial promise.

How Goes the World? (Think of England/Will Darling Adventures series epilogue)

Archie attends a house party. Will goes to a club.

This Lord’s Father (Will Darling epilogue, post ‘How Goes the World?’)

Will has a nice chat with the Marquess of Flitby. No, really.

Society of Gentlemen

A Confidential Problem (Society of Gentlemen 2.5)

Set just before the end of A Seditious Affair. Cyprian and Silas bonding.

A Private Miscellany (Society of Gentlemen series epilogue)

In which letters fly all over Europe, and Silas keeps a promise to his newly knighted lover.

Lilywhite Boys

(Lily)White Wedding (Lilywhite Boys 3.5) PDF or Epub

Susan is getting married; Alec and Barnaby are bonding, or at least drinking.

The Doomsday Books

‘If He Had His Legs, We’d Be In So Much Trouble’ (The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen epilogue) PDF or Epub

Gareth goes for his long-promised meeting with Granda Doomsday, and discusses Luke”s future.

Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune world

A Rose by Any Name (Gentle Art 3)

The reunion scene! Brothers Toby (A Thief in the Night) and Robin (Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting) meet again, with help (?) from Hart and Miles.

‘Jonathan’ world

Wanted, an Author

Wanted, a Gentleman epilogue / Band Sinister prologue, introducing the fictional novel Jonathan to an unprepared world.

Simon Feximal world

Remnant (The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal story, co-written crossover with the Whyborne & Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk)

Simon and Robert meet Whyborne and Griffin with chaotic results.