Content Warnings

This is unlikely to be a comprehensive list but I hope covers the major triggers (death, violence, bigotry). NB that all these books are historicals and thus set against a background of Georgian/Victorian/20s British attitudes to sex and gender. I’ve mentioned homophobia where it’s explicit.

Please note that all my full-length novels contain on-page sex and swearing. (And, let’s face it, most of them have a body count. If you’re looking for fluff, The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting and Band Sinister are your best bet.)

Despite appearances, all of these books are romances with an HFN/HEA unless otherwise specified.

Charm of Magpies

The Magpie Lord

Animal abuse/death, suicide (attempted on page, actual off page), violence, questionable consent, power exchange dynamics, vomiting/choking, occult horrors, deaths, homophobia, references to sexual abuse and incest (off page).

A Case of Possession

Giant rats, violence to and from giant rats, occult horrors/deaths, power exchange sexual dynamics.

A Case of Spirits

Occult horror, blinding, alcoholism.

Flight of Magpies

Violence, killing, and magical nastiness, power exchange dynamics.

The Smuggler and the Warlord (short)

References to non consensual imprisonment/sex/knife play.


Homophobia (in past and on page). On-page scene of dubious consent. Brief thought of suicide.

A Queer Trade

Occult horror.

Rag and Bone

Occult murders. Racism and antisemitism.

The Doomsday Books

The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen

References to racism. Previously enslaved minor character. Parental neglect and estrangement. Physical and emotional abuse of a child. Threat of sexual assault. Kidnapping, violence, and murder on page. Societal homophobia and threat of blackmail.

A Nobleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel

Facial scarring. Previous mental and physical abuse of MC as a child, leading to current dealing with trauma. Murder (off page). Dysfunctional, emotionally abusive family and disordered parent-child relationships. Enclosed spaces.

The Will Darling Adventures

Please note that there is not a full HEA until book 3 of the series.

Slippery Creatures

The 1918 flu pandemic and the spread of infectious disease. Violence/death. Kidnapping. Discussion of war. Mention of suicide. Death of family members (off page, one by stroke).

The Sugared Game

Mention of self-harm (discussed, not shown taking place). Mention of past miscarriage. Assorted and extensive on-page violence and death. Mention of suicide. Racism.

Subtle Blood

References to self-harm (not shown taking place). On-page violence, threats of violence, and murder. Emotionally abusive family. Vomiting.

England World

Think of England

Antisemitism, racism, questionable consent, character in grip of phobia, fear of dark spaces, on page killings.

Proper English

Racism, misogyny, murder (but really a very welcome one).

Society of Gentlemen

A Fashionable Indulgence

Bereavement (sibling), war (off page), murder/violence.

A Seditious Affair

BDSM sex with (fully consensual) noncon roleplay and humiliation kink. State violence.

A Gentleman’s Position

Death of parent from cancer (off page), homophobia.

Sins of the Cities

An Unseen Attraction

Ableism towards a neurodivergent character (dyspraxic) and mention of abelism to a physically disabled character. Racism. Violence and threat. Murder.

An Unnatural Vice

References to past abuse. Discussion of past bereavement (death of lover), depression, and attempted suicide. Murder/violence. Kidnap. Ableism towards a neurodivergent character.

An Unsuitable Heir

Misgendering and transphobia towards nonbinary MC. Ableism towards a physical disability (impaired limb). Murder

Lilywhite Boys

The Rat-Catcher’s Daughter

Misgendering, threat of violence towards trans character (not specifically transphobic). On-page violence. References to acephobia and off-page violence against women.

Any Old Diamonds

Bereavement including deaths of parent and sibling (off page). Suicide (off page). Allusions to spousal abuse. Murder. Outing. Questionable consent. Power exchange dynamics. Breath play. Reference to disordered eating.

Gilded Cage

References to a character’s miscarriage (off page). Discussion of bereavement. Violence. References to off-page violence against women. Off-page murder.

Masters In This Hall

Mild violence and threats on page, references to more serious violence off page. Christmas.

Green Men World

The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal

Occult horrors and death throughout.

Spectred Isle

References to homophobia. Post-war trauma. Discussion of past suicidal thoughts. Occult horrors. Vomiting.

Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune

The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting

Previously enslaved character and mention of enslavement. References to emotional and financial abuse of spouses and children.

A Thief in the Night

References to death of father, family breakdown, compulsive gambling, sexual abuse, parental neglect and cruelty (all off page). Depiction of hoarding behaviour.

The Duke at Hazard

Depiction of gambling; references to the death of a parent; accident and injury on page; references to past acts of violence and sexual assault; references to homophobia.


Wanted, a Gentleman

Previously enslaved MC and discussion of enslavement. References to racism.

Band Sinister

Previously enslaved character. Discussion of medical procedure (setting broken leg). References to antisemitism.

Unfit to Print

References to racism. Victorian porn trade/prostitution. Off page death, one scene of on page violence.

Not Romance Novels

Death in the Spires

Racism, homophobia, misogyny, ableism (at personal and social levels), all shown on page. Sexual violence discussed on page, not shown. Death of child. Discussion of abortion. On page violence. Forced outing of queer character. References to suicide. Has relationship plotlines but is not a romance novel.

Henchmen of Zenda

Massive body count. Ghastly people throughout. Mention of off-page sexual abuse. Domestic abuse/control. Nonconsensual voyeurism. Contains a romance but no heteronormative HEA.

The Price of Meat

Torture and cannibalism (she says, finishing on a high). Has romantic elements but I classify this one as horror.