Social media

You are most likely to find me shouting on Twitter @kj_charles.

I am on Facebook in an irregular way. I check in most often to my delightful Facebook group where we do book chat, talking about characters, first announcements, sneak peeks, occasional treats like deleted scenes, and suchlike.

I have a newsletter for updates. I am a highly irregular correspondent so this is maybe five or six times a year.

I am on Goodreads infrequently and don’t hang out in any groups. Please note, their ‘ask the author’ facility is kind of useless and I miss questions for months at a time. Maybe it’s me that’s useless. If you have a burning need to know something about my books, the FB group is your best bet.

Professional queries

I am represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary. Please contact Courtney for writing approaches, rights queries (audio/translation), and all requests to blurb.

You can reach me at kjcharles{at}kjcharleswriter{dot}com.

I’m no longer editing, sorry.