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Inspiration: from Facebook to Freud

I had a silly Internet conversation. Alex: When you become a world renown writer with like 10 books on the NY Times top selling books list, can you make one TERRIBLE psychology pun in a book, so I know that you love me KJ: If you can give me a good psychology gag appropriate to […]

Speech Verbs, and Why You Shouldn’t

My brother used to wind people up by adding speech tags in conversation. Me: I was going to the shops – Him: “She announced.” Me: And I saw this bloke – Him: “She revealed.” Me: Will you shut up? Him: “She demanded” – Ow, that really hurt! Me: “He yelped.” Speech tags can be just […]

Editor, writer, anaconda, rat

My name is KJ Charles and I’m a first-time novelist. (The Magpie Lord, Samhain, Sept 13.) In my other life, I’m an experienced commissioning editor. (For the purposes of this blog I’m an anonymous editor, so I can give actual examples without feeling too constrained about authors thinking, ‘Is she talking about me?!’ (Honestly, darling, […]