This is a space for some of the amazing art people have done based on my books. I’m stunned and grateful. Click for big!

Some of Mila and Catherine’s art and designs are available on T-shirts, mugs and the like in my Redbubble store; shout me if there’s something you’d like to see there!

Find all the Mila May art for Sins of the Cities on this page, and do check back for updates!

Mila May is just incredible.

The characters from Remnant (the crossover story between Jordan L Hawk’s Whyborne & Griffin universe and my Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal; find it here for free).


The Charm of Magpies gang.


Ben and Jonah from Jackdaw.


Find Mila’s full graphic novel prequel to Jackdaw here.

Ned from ‘A Queer Trade’Rag and Bone (words cannot express how much I love this).


And Ned and Crispin.


Catherine Dair turns the Charm of Magpies characters into ponies. Because, that’s why.

pony 1

pony 2

pony 3

pony 4

Jenna Fowler does Stephen and Crane from the Charm of Magpies series.

fowler art