I am immensely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read, rate or review my books. That’s incredibly valuable to authors, and I appreciate it hugely.

If you read my books, you are free to express your opinion of them as you see fit.

Amazon or Goodreads reviews of my books are for readers, not for me. I may go looking for quotes (because marketing), but I never comment on the review, and I will absolutely never react to a negative review with argument, sock puppets or encouraging readers to behave badly.

I don’t comment on blog reviews though I might well quote or share them on SM. I am incredibly grateful for the efforts bloggers put in, and will happily chat elsewhere, but the review itself is reader space. I don’t get snotty about negative reviews (though I’d rather not be tagged in them please).

I do not comment on discussion threads/posts about my books unless invited to do so. If you @ or tag me I assume you want my input; if you don’t want it, just don’t tag me. (Think of it like inviting a vampire over your threshold, but with more book talk.)


Summary: If you want to talk about my books, have at it without constraint. If you want my input, I will happily answer questions via Goodreads’ shonky question facility, on Facebook, or on Twitter @kj_charles.

My opinions on reviews at greater length can be found here, here and here.