A Thief in the Night is out!

I have a release day, for the first time in a very long while. (This is basically because I’ve started going with publishers instead of self publishing. When you finish a book that you’re doing yourself you can get it out in a very short time: I had Subtle Blood out in less than a month after I finally signed off the MS. Publishers take the best part of 18 months for print. You see the problem.)

Anyway, we’re slowly getting back into a schedule, and here’s the first: A Thief in the Night, a Regency romance starring Toby, who you may remember as Robin’s long-vanished brother from The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting.

“Toby left us. Up and vanished one day. He was our big brother, our best friend, the one who stood in front of us when Lordship was free with his fists, but he didn’t even say goodbye, and we have never heard from him again. He’d fought with Lordship every day of the five years before that, you’d have thought they hated each other, but Lordship was never the same once he’d gone. Well, he was worse.”

I always wanted to know what happened to Toby. Now I do, and you can find out too, simply by reading this!

Cover, in cartoon style. Old house with peeling wallpaper, a leaded window outside which we see a night sky with stars, a table covered in old books and a chipped cup. Toby has his back to the table. Miles (dark hair, smart Regency clothes, taller) is leaning over Toby looking menacing. Toby (sandy hair, no coat or cravat) does not look menaced. He's got one hand on Miles's hip in a trusting way. The other, behind his back, is concealing a gentleman's expensive fob watch.

You will have to read it with your ears initially because this is an Audible Original, ie an audio exclusive. The ebook will be out in April 2023, and I’m doing a print version in a short story bind-up then, but for now it’s only audio, ably read by Ryan Laughton and James Joseph. The lovely cover is Elizabeth Turner Stokes!

Here’s the link: I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. dodo
    dodo says:

    What wonderful news to get a new KJ Charles again!
    I’d noted the date in my calender and already had a mouth watering glimpse into the audiobook via the audible website. Can’t wait to come home from work and download it.

    Another BIG treat: your narrator James Joseph is one of my all-time favourites. A voice like the best kind of chocolate, huge varietay of tone and timbre, and great acting with his voice alone. Makes a great story even better!

    • Dodo
      Dodo says:

      Cachal, my imagination is usually also woese when listening, so I usually combine eyes and ears, especially when I know that the narrator is that good.

  2. Angelina
    Angelina says:

    I just listened to this and absolutely adored it. I’m so glad I read this post as I did not at all connect it to the gentle art of fortune hunting and I feel much better having some idea of what happened to Toby’s siblings.
    Are you going to write anything of their reunion?


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