I’m thrilled to announce that thanks to my agent’s valiant efforts, I have all the rights to my Samhain titles back and am self publishing them.

I bought the existing jackets to Think of England and The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal (well, they are fab) but decided to give the Charm of Magpies series a completely new look. And here they are, via the remarkable talents of Lexiconic Design.

Jackdaw and Rag and Bone to come, hopefully next week. I’m thrilled with these—I love the detail and the way they work together. And I am really happy to have them back in my control.

All these books are now available on all the big retailers. Click here for a complete list with buy links, all on one page. The Magpie Lord is priced at a series-introductory $1.99 and the Magpie trilogy now come with their companion short stories included.