Jackdaw release day!

Just a quickie to say that Jackdaw is here, should you be into chaotic criminals with unusual magical gifts, ex-lovers with a serious grudge, vengeful law enforcers, Cornwall, rugby-playing heroes, villains trying to go straight (as it were), or people who read Dickens.

For those who want a bit of extra stuff…

  • Graphic novel prequel by Lyudmila Tsapaeva here.
  • Blog post on Cornwall, with pictures and extract, here.
  • Blog post on sympathy for villains, with giveaway, here.
  • Blog post on how to write a convincing redemption arc here.
  • Book here: Publisher, Amazon UK, Amazon US
  • Five-star reviews at Sinfully, My Fiction Nook (spoilers), Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words. 
  • The first book in the Charm of Magpies series, The Magpie Lord, is on special offer across all retailers at the time of writing, at 99c and local equivalents, so if you’re not sure, now is the time to try it for cheap. Amazon.com
  • My Facebook group can be found here, if you like in depth book chat, teasers, and early looks at stuff.

Right. I have launched Jackdaw, which is part of my Victorian paranormal Charm of Magpies series. I have finished book 1 of my Society of Gentlemen trilogy, where Regency exquisite meets Radical revolutionary. I now need to jump back into a different Victorian paranormal world for The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal. This is my brain right now:


See you on the other side.


If you stop running, you fall.jackdaw small

Jonah Pastern is a magician, a liar, a windwalker, a professional thief…and for six months, he was the love of police constable Ben Spenser’s life. Until his betrayal left Ben jailed, ruined, alone, and looking for revenge.

Ben is determined to make Jonah pay. But he can’t seem to forget what they once shared, and Jonah refuses to let him. Soon Ben is entangled in Jonah’s chaotic existence all over again, and they’re running together—from the police, the justiciary, and some dangerous people with a lethal grudge against them.

Threatened on all sides by betrayals, secrets, and the laws of the land, can they find a way to live and love before the past catches up with them?

This story is set in the world of the Charm of Magpies series.

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