Two For Joy: publication day

My second book, A Case of Possession, is out today.Woo-hoo!Image

I blogged about how it feels to have your first book published (conclusion: pretty cool). Second book is definitely different. Still good, but different. It’s not a novelty now; there are the ‘difficult second album’ worries over how it will compare to the first; and really, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with blogging for it, planning publicity for my totally different third book, doing cover briefs and copy edits on the fourth book, writing the fifth one…

But there is a big new exciting experience here, and that is that Case of Possession is a sequel, and some people actually want to buy it for that reason. People have actually been waiting, many of them impatiently, to find out what happens to the characters in this book. People want to know more about my characters and be involved in the stories that previously just happened in my head. It is quite hard to convey just how that feels.

(It feels really good. Master wordsmith at work, there.)

I have a third book about those guys to finish, and I have blogged myself and probably everyone else to exhaustion this week, on rodents and romancewriting historical paranormal, secondary Imagecharacters, the shady side of Victorian London, and whether sex should be real or fictional. So I think we’ll all be relieved that there’ll a bit of radio silence coming up on this blog while I do some actual book stuff. See you on the other side.

Congratulations to the three giveaway winners, who’ve all been contacted, and thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and I hope you all enjoy the book!

A Case of Possession is available now from Samhain or your usual ebook outlets. KJ Charles is a happy bunny.

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  1. Marianne McA
    Marianne McA says:

    Just to say thanks, I really enjoyed ‘A Case of Possession’ and then had to reread ‘The Magpie Lord’ again – I’ve had a lovely couple of reading days with the books. (No favourite: they’re each as good as the other.) I shall now form an orderly queue to wait impatiently for the third in the series.

  2. gamistress66
    gamistress66 says:

    read A Case of Possession last night/today & wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it as much as the 1st book & glad to hear there will be another. the world/char you created are interesting & fun (their interaction w/ each other at times just made me smile & chuckle in pleasure) plus the magical mystery being solved is more than just a plot device but real story (if that makes sense). congrats on its release & success 🙂

  3. celia Jansson
    celia Jansson says:

    I read it last night and really enjoyed it. Now I can’t wait for book 3. I wrote a review on my blog (in German) which in short says it is all great, only critic: the books are too short.
    I really loved the revelation of Luciens past in Shanghai in this book. By the way I also love your blog and as a writer, I love your examples of your work as an editor. Wish you the best with the new book!

  4. Tricia Butland
    Tricia Butland says:

    So absolutely thrilled with both books! I stumbled across them… not really sure how, and I’m so glad that I did. The concepts were intriguing from the start in Magpie Lord, and the characters developed so well in Possession. I’m eagerly awaiting the third book now, and really kind of hoping that there may be more than just three! Congratulations!

  5. Ariss
    Ariss says:

    I just finished reading The Magpie Lord series and am very happy to hear there will be a third novel. I don’t usually read historical m/m fiction as too often the author doesn’t bother with research about the time period or setting or the characters have modern mores. So I was pleasantly surprised to read your books and find such strong male characters and a vivid setting.

    Do you only have 2 books? I couldn’t find more listed at All Romance’s site.

    • KJ Charles
      KJ Charles says:

      Delighted you enjoyed them! I just signed book 3. 🙂 I have a m/f contemp romantic suspense, Non Stop Till Tokyo, coming in April and an Edwardian m/m, Think of England, in July, and there are a couple of free shorts on Smashwords. Interlude with Tattoos is a Magpie story, and Butterflies features my occult detective Simon Feximal (who will be reappearing soon, watch this space).

  6. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    Just read both of your books, back to back, involving Lord Crane and Stephen. I so enjoyed them. I must admit I had the first one on my wish list for a bit and hemmed and hawed about it, but once I took the plunge I was hooked from the first page on.
    I was very happy there was a second to delve into immediately. Is there an ETA for book #3??
    Not impatient much, me. No, no, never impatient. 😉
    I look forward to #3 whenever it comes out.

    (very cold Maine, USA)


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