A Case of Possession: promo post and book giveaway

(Please note, the giveaway has finished and the winners have been contacted. Thanks to everyone who participated!)

My new book A Case of Possession comes out on 28 Jan. I am pretty excited about this.

This is the sequel to The Magpie Lord, picking up four months on from the events of that book. It’s surprisingly scary bringing out a sequel (what if everyone who liked the first book thinks this is a horrific travesty of everything they held dear? What if you should have quit while you were ahead? Argh!) but so far people seem to be liCaseOfPossession-A300king it a fair bit. Which is a relief.

In A Case of Possession, it’s a long hot summer in alt-Victorian London. Magical enforcer Stephen Day is tackling a plague of giant rats, while attempting to keep a lot of secrets, from his employers, his best friends, and his lover. Meanwhile, Lord Crane has a blackmailer to confront, a friend to protect, and a decision to make about any future with Stephen. Also, the thing with giant rats. Did I mention those?

The blurb!

Magic in the blood. Danger in the streets.

Lord Crane has never had a lover quite as elusive as Stephen Day. True, Stephen’s job as justiciar requires secrecy, but the magician’s disappearing act bothers Crane more than it should. When a blackmailer threatens to expose their illicit relationship, Crane knows a smart man would hop the first ship bound for China. But something unexpectedly stops him. His heart.

Stephen has problems of his own. As he investigates a plague of giant rats sweeping London, his sudden increase in power, boosted by his blood-and-sex bond with Crane, is rousing suspicion that he’s turned warlock. With all eyes watching him, the threat of exposure grows. Stephen could lose his friends, his job and his liberty over his relationship with Crane. He’s not sure if he can take that risk much longer. And Crane isn’t sure if he can ask him to.

The rats are closing in, and something has to give…


I’m giving away a copy of the ebook here, see below. And I’ll be all over the place this week with guest blogs and more giveaways so here’s where you’ll be able to find me rambling on. (Or avoid me, if you prefer.)

And while you wait with rabid, barely controllable impatience (or total indifference, whichever) for 28 January, do pick up Interlude with Tattoos, a free short story, which happens between The Magpie Lord and A Case of Possession.

OK, that’s the promo done. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the book!

I’m giving away an electronic copy of A Case of Possession. Just comment below to enter. (If you’re reading this on Goodreads, please comment on my blog at kjcharleswriter.wordpress.com, or I might miss you.)

  • To enter, leave a comment stating that you are entering the contest. Contest closes 7 pm GMT on 27 January 2014
  • By entering the contest, you’re confirming that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Winners will be selected by random number.
  • You must leave a valid email address in the “Email” portion of the comment form.
  • If you win, please respect my intellectual property and don’t make copies of the ebook for anyone else.
  • This contest is open worldwide, ebooks are available in the usual formats (epub, mobi etc).
43 replies
  1. Kim B
    Kim B says:

    What the heck, I’ll enter the contest. I pre-ordered it on the Zon weeks ago, but it would be fun to win something for a change.

  2. Wendy Clements
    Wendy Clements says:

    I am definitely entering the contest. I know it’s random and all, and I generally don’t grovel (although it might look like it due to my random gravity checks), but today *is* my birthday… LOL
    🙂 Thank you for the chance to win a copy of “A Case of Possession.” Willard, put that down!

  3. jim
    jim says:

    Yes!!!!!!! This book sounds fantastic. Where did you get the idea for this series? Incredible idea. Kudos for these books! Your reading public thanks you!

    • Shorty Chelle
      Shorty Chelle says:

      I am so sorry I wrote the wrong authors name down. Had to many windows open at the same time looking things up. I meant to say never read any of KJ Charles books before.

    • Maya
      Maya says:

      I realized I already pre-ordered it, so it’s on my Kindle now. so please take me out of the running… gonna go read now 🙂

  4. kerrita
    kerrita says:

    i’m entering the contest – i’m far from indifferent! :0) ikeep checking to see if samhain has released the book early. but alas, they hate me and haven’t. in anticipation,

  5. Littlemeanred
    Littlemeanred says:

    I’ll getting my eyes on the e-copy as soon as it’s available (just one more day-yay) and I’m sure it’s well worth the costs. ´°O= <-Does that probably look like a magpie?


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