England, 1923. The Great War is over, the Twenties are roaring in, the Bright Young Things hold ever more extravagant parties. It seems as though the world has changed for good. But some far older forces are still at work, and some wars never end.

The occult battles fought in the War Beneath the War have torn the veil protecting our world from what lies outside. With most of the country’s arcanists dead, and the Government unwilling to face the truth of the damage done, a small group pledged to an ancient duty must protect England from supernatural threat.

Set in the world of the award-winning Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal, the Green Men series covers a motley crew of occult experts, jobbing ghost-hunters, and walking military experiments as they fight supernatural and human threats, save the land, and fall in love.

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Spectred Isle

Green Men book 1

Nominated for a RITA award for Paranormal Romance 2018

Spectred Isle coverArchaeologist Saul Lazenby has been all but unemployable since his disgrace during the War. Now he scrapes a living working for a rich eccentric who believes in magic. Saul knows it’s a lot of nonsense…except that he begins to find himself in increasingly strange and frightening situations. And at every turn he runs into the sardonic, mysterious Randolph Glyde.

Randolph is the last of an ancient line of arcanists, commanding deep secrets and extraordinary powers as he struggles to fulfil his family duties in a war-torn world. He knows there’s something odd going on with the haunted-looking man who keeps turning up in all the wrong places. The only question for Randolph is whether Saul is victim or villain.

Saul hasn’t trusted anyone in a long time. But as the supernatural threat grows, along with the desire between them, he’ll need to believe in evasive, enraging, devastatingly attractive Randolph. Because he may be the only man who can save Saul’s life—or his soul.

“It’s a fantastic book and I loved every moment of it.”–All About Romance

“The historical setting is palpable, which is a given with the author. This book additionally shines through both the main characters and their romance, as well as the paranormal aspect that was a pure delight.”–Just Love

“Watching two guarded men trade arch Lost Generation banter while edging closer and closer to romance is deeply satisfying; the book’s wry, anguished, darkly witty prose will make it perfect for the coming rains of autumn.”–Seattle Review of Books

“Spectred Isle made me cry repeatedly. It is my favorite of KJ Charles’ books (and as someone who sold their soul to A Seditious Affair, I do not say that lightly), thanks to the incredible atmosphere, often creepy plot, beautiful romance with wonderful characters. The plot itself made me excited for more and I honestly can’t wait to see what happens next.”–Book Me Up!

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Last Couple in Hell

Green Men book 2

Theresa Glyde was once a Green Man, guardian of one of England’s crucial magical sites. Now she’s dead, but that’s no excuse for lazing about. She has vital work to do, if only she can get back to the right side of reality. And that means finding someone she can use—with a willing body, a suitable mind, and an awful lot of nerve.

Joanie Robey has a London deity’s blood in her veins, and a lifelong acquaintance with the strange, the unnatural, and the scary. She also has a perfectly good job as an artists’ model and no interest in being possessed by a ghost. Particularly not an upper-class party girl who’s having far too much fun being in a body again.

But the Green Men are dangerously overstretched. The veil that protects reality is slowly, steadily tearing, and now something is mounting an attack on London’s occult protections. Joanie and Theresa must learn to cope with their forced intimacy–and their growing attraction to each other. Because the fragile bond between the goddess and the ghost may be England’s last line of defence.