The magpie and KJ Charles logo and the A Queer Trade cover: Catherine Dair.

Website: Alexis Hall

Mila May has done some amazing art for the Magpies and the Sins, which is available on stuff at Redbubble. Go check out her fantastic work!

Charm of Magpies series covers: Lennan Adams at Lexiconic Design

Simon Feximal cover: Kanaxa

Think of England cover: Erin Dameron Hill

Non Stop till Tokyo cover: Angela Waters

Interlude with Tattoos, Butterflies, Remnant, Another Place in Time and Feast of Stephen covers: Susan Lee

The Smuggler and the Warlord cover: I don’t know, if it’s you please say!

A Private Miscellany: cover art by Mila May, design by Sandra Schwab

I love you all.