Social media

You are most likely to find me on Twitter @kj_charles.

I am on Facebook in an irregular way. I check in most often to my Facebook group which is where we do book chat, talking about characters, first announcements, sneak peeks, occasional treats like deleted scenes, and suchlike.

I have a newsletter for updates. I am a highly irregular correspondent so this is maybe five or six times a year.

I am on Goodreads infrequently and don’t hang out in any groups, but happy to chat on my reviews on the odd occasion I turn up there. Please note, their ‘ask the author’ facility is kind of useless and I miss questions for months at a time. Maybe it’s me that’s useless. Anyway, if you have a burning need to know something about my books, the FB group is probably your best bet.

Professional queries

I am represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary.

Rights queries (audio/translation) may be complicated. Contact the publisher in the first instance (Samhain or Loveswept) but feel free to hit me up if you’re not sure where to look.

For editing enquiries and big questions, email me on kjcharleswriter{at}gmail{dot}com.