The Sins of the Cities trilogy is a large-ish undertaking with an extensive cast. It centres around the Jack and Knave pub, and the lives and loves and family connections of its regulars (some family connections being more complicated than others). Our characters may be playing Patience or Solitaire, Happy Families or Beggar My Neighbour, and some of them are just up to Gin Rummy, frankly.

Art by the wonderful Mila May. Cards will be released in, shall we say, an ongoing way to avoid spoilers, so there are plenty of gaps.  Check back for more cards, a cast list, and a family tree in due course.

Let’s deal them in…

Clem Talleyfer and Rowley Green, heroes of An Unseen Attraction. The lady is unknown.

Mark Braglewicz, private enquiry agent.

Nathaniel Roy (journalist, ex lawyer, crusader), Sukey (a housemaid, nothing to see here), and Justin Lazarus (fraudulent spiritualist, professional shameless bastard).

Gregory Nantwich, stage manager, and his other half Phyllis Sharp, landlady of the Jack and Knave.

A handy family tree to help you keep things straight. Don’t panic: only people in fuchsia are on page…

Polly’s ginger biscuit recipe from An Unseen Attraction can be found here. Don’t say I never do anything for you.