I am sad that this needs saying, but apparently it does, so here goes.

I am immensely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read, rate or review my books. That’s incredibly valuable to me, and I appreciate it hugely.

If you read my books, you are free to express your opinion of them as you see fit.

I do not read Amazon or Goodreads reviews of my books. They are for readers, not for me. I don’t know what you said there, I will never comment, and I will absolutely never react to a negative review with argument, sock puppets or encouraging other readers to behave badly.

I read (and sometimes share) blog reviews, but I don’t comment below the line. Not even to say thank you, not even to click ‘like’. I am incredibly grateful for the efforts bloggers put in, and will happily chat elsewhere, but the review itself is reader space, not for me.

I do not comment on discussion threads/posts about my books. I’m not here to argue with readers’ interpretations or tell anyone how they should read.

Summary: If you want to talk to other readers about my books, have at it. If you should want to know what I think, I will happily answer questions here, via Goodreads’ shonky question facility, on Facebook, or on Twitter @kj_charles as long as the answer can be very concise.

My opinions on reviews at greater length can be found here, here and here.